Yujian Yao

Software Engineer


Update: the game has been sold to a company and the links are no longer valid.

My second HTML5 game is done! Grab my Solitaire here!

This time it was relatively easy to write because I recycled much of the old codes from the previous Freecell. However, maybe I overused a lot of transformation to achieve the flipping effect, only chrome can run the game fluently :( On firefox it was very laggy, and on Mobile Safari it's a disaster...

With these two games, it should be quite easy for me to write any other solitaire card games, but too bad, I only know how to play Freecell and Solitaire :P Maybe I will try to write a Spider in the future hmmm..

I am thinking about write a Hearts for fun, or maybe Poker? But the problem is that it seemed very difficult for me to get many users-thus irrelevant to build online games-and it's difficult to write an AI for heart.... Maybe when I go to university and read artificial intelligence I can write a hearts as assignment then